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Subject: real love?
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ninjajr 9/4/2006 - 6:40:10
well first real topic is about real love nd wot u think of it? does it exist? or its just one more myth that never comes true? *

ishieo13 16.05.09 - 12:38pm
its existing .. its just that we cant find the true one :( *

ninjajr 3.01.10 - 02:59am
well in my case seems then that i allways have this fastidious tendence to find the wrong gals. my 2 exs i foumd hea nd went to their country to b with them bt 4 different reasons it didnt worked out...maybd im cond*mned to stay alone... *

queen10 26.01.10 - 01:05am
n i thot that guyz dun get heart broken cry2.GIF *

kanyoto 18.06.10 - 10:23pm
lov lov lov love daid long long time ago be4 i ws born so dnt cht ur slf *

jhezelle 26.07.13 - 02:18am
Is there a real love? hmmp..hope to have that *

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